KC Diehl Art
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About KC Diehl Art
KC Diehl Art is a collaborative effort between Kelsey Diehl and her family to give her an outlet for her creative mind.  

Kelsey Diehl was born in Williamsburg, Virginia in December of 1992.  Her family saw a talent when she first picked up a pencil.  They have nurtured that talent by giving her every opportunity to take art classes and express herself through her work.  She is pursuing her dream to become an artist after graduating from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia, where she was a studio art major.  
Because of living in Williamsburg her whole life she enjoys photographing Colonial Williamsburg, local waterways and vegetation. She is an avid swimmer. Most summer days you can find her at the pool.

Since swimming is a skill that everyone needs to learn to do.  IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!  Please contact your local Red Cross for classes.  Or get in touch with a friend that you trust to help you learn.  Once you begin to swim you won't be able to stop. 

Kelsey is also very passionate about something that effects 10 percent of the population.  Dyslexia is a reading disability that makes it harder for individuals to read the words correctly on the page.  Due to this issue it can be very hard to not only learn to read but to be able to become proficient at it.  Many students suffer from this disorder and do not receive the help that they need.  It is important that if someone is having a hard time reading or cannot read on the same level as their peers to seek help.  It is a disability and there is help out there, especially for students.  You can get good grades when you learn how to handle it.